Puma Soccer Cleats: A Guide

Any athlete can find the perfect soccer cleats for their playing style from one of Puma’s four boot collections, evoTouch, evoSpeed, evoAccuracy, and evoPower. We have made this guide to explain each collection of Puma boots, and to offer a high-end, middle-range, and economical option boot for each. For consistency purposes, we will be discussing boots made for firm-ground.

The evoTouch Collection:

Puma’s evoTouch collection features boots that offer a superior feel of the ball, which leads to better overall control as well. Each boot in this collection would be an ideal fit for athletes who want to be more reactive when dribbling, striking, or passing.

  • EvoTOUCH PRO Special Edition FG $300: This boot has an ultra-thin upper constructed with kangaroo leather, allowing players to feel exactly where the ball comes in contact with their foot. It also features Puma’s GripTex pattern inside each boot, holding the player’s foot firmly in place for easier movement and stability.
  • EvoTOUCH 1 FG $170: This boot’s upper features supple calf leather, allowing for full mobility and comfort on the field. Additionally, each boot comes equipped with an evoKNIT sockliner, providing a barefoot feel and resulting in better ball-control.
  • EvoTOUCH 3 FG $65: For a more economical option, players can choose this boot made of synthetic leather rather than authentic. It is comparably durable and lightweight when held against the other two options. Each boot features the combination of both blade and conical cleats and allows athletes to benefit from the extra traction.

The evoSpeed Collection:

Puma’s evoSpeed collection showcases boots that were designed with only the fastest athletes in mind. Designed to be extremely lightweight and flexible, these boots are the clear choice for players wanting to outrun the competition with ease.

  • EvoSPEED SL II 2016 C.P. FG $300: This shoe features an ultra-thin and lightweight upper. Without the extra weight, players can glide at top speed through the big game and never have to worry about getting held back or feeling unstable. The cleats are strategically placed in a way that allows for easy acceleration in the beginning of every play and the traction to keep up the speed.
  • EvoSPEED SL Fresh FG $180: This boot features a laser-cut SPEEDFRAME support, so athletes wearing them can accelerate faster and handle sharp turns without needing to significantly slow down. The heel of this boot was made to give a locked-in feel, providing security without restricting mobility. The mesh upper keeps heat out and moisture in, so players can remain comfortable no matter how hard they play.
  • EvoSPEED 3.4 Leather FG $63: A blend of real and synthetic leather keeps these boots lightweight while also reducing the cost. The foam lining absorbs impact as athletes run, ensuring the same-level comfort that the high-end boots offer without the extra price. The TPU outsole adds durability without adding weight, so players can feel free to run without being weighed down.

The evoAccuracy Boot:

  • EvoACCURACY 2 FG $84: Puma’s evoAccuracy is not yet an entire collection and showcases only one boot at this point. The boot is constructed with microfiber in a way that maximizes scoring and passing accuracy for athletes who like taking that game-winning shot. There is a lightweight foam in the vamp which makes for a clean kicking surface and a clean shot to the goal or a teammate.

The evoPower Collection:

Puma’s evoPower boots are designed to put more power behind an athlete’s kick. Puma designers studied the way force travels through the foot and constructed these boots accordingly, making them a perfect fit for players who like to showcase their strength.

  • EvoPOWER 1.3 2016 C.P. FG $300: This boot features a completely stretchable upper, meaning that players can kick with barefoot precision and strength. Additionally, the boot is designed with a GripTex upper, which provides the texture necessary for complete ball-control without putting too much weighted material between the athlete and the ball.
  • EvoPOWER 1.2 FG $120: This boot features Puma’s Gradual Stability Frame technology, which keeps the boot lightweight while also giving it the durability and strength needed to get the most power out of a kick. The lace closure is asymmetrical, so players can be assured of a snug fit and optimum stability to power through the game.
  • EvoPOWER 4.3 FG $52: This economical option boot is constructed of synthetic materials and quilted to provide the same-level comfort as the higher-end option. The TPU outsole gives this boot strength and durability while also keeping it lightweight, meaning that players are able to play hard without their boots taking damage.

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