Nike Soccer Cleats: A Guide

With four unique collections of boots, Nike boasts the perfect pair of cleats for any and all types of soccer players. The Mercurial, Hypervenom, Magista, and Tiempo collections are each represented by a different athlete and are each suited for a different playing style. We have made this guide to explain each collection of boots, and to offer a high-end, middle-range, and economical option boot for each. For consistency purposes, we will be discussing boots made for firm-ground.

The Mercurial Collection:

Nike’s Mercurial collection is represented by Cristiano Ronaldo, the captain and forward for the Portugal national team. Much like Ronaldo, this collection represents speed. The Mercurial boots are Nike’s fastest and are built to allow soccer players to be their quickest on the field.

  • Mercurial Superfly V FG $300: This boot was constructed with hollow nylon cleats which offer the best traction on a short-grass field. This collar, paired with the boot’s textured sockliner, provides a more secure fit than most boots on the market and won’t hinder an athlete’s ability to run their fastest.
  • Mercurial Vapor XI FG $230: This boot was constructed with a textured upper, which features horizontal ridges and makes controlling the ball easier than ever. The toe is low-profile and slides under the ball with precision, so players don’t have to slow down in order to gain proper control. The nylon plate in contoured to the foot, offering comfort and stability when players most need it.
  • Mercurial Veloce III FG $135: This boot offers the Dynamic Fit collar and textured upper of the previous two but at a more affordable cost. Paying less for a boot doesn’t mean skimping on quality; Nike added a TPU overlay to the plate for added durability.

The Hypervenom Collection:

Nike’s Hypervenom collection is represented by Neymar, the forward for the Brazil national team. Hypervenom represents agility, and athletes who choose boots from this collection have better ability to quickly change direction on the field while maintaining their balance.

  • Hypervenom Phantom II FG $275: This boot was designed with goal-scorers in mind. It features NikeSkin technology which makes the boot form to a player’s foot, resulting in a better feel for the ball and more stability to change position. The plate is split-toe and the cleats are strategically placed for agility traction.
  • Hypervemon Phatal II $130: This boot was designed to be exceptionally lightweight, ensuring the athlete wearing it can move fluidly. Nike’s Ultralight Flywire cables hold feet in place for a more secure feel. The boot also features a nylon chassis so that players are more responsive to the feel of the ball.
  • Hypervenom Phelon II FG $60: This boot has comparable agility traction to the other two but is far more affordable. The forefoot is textured to grip the ball, and the plate toe is split to benefit an athlete’s constant movement.

The Magista Collection:

Represented by Germany’s attacking midfielder, Nike’s Magista line embodies creative play-making. Athletes wearing Magista boots will love the 3D texture which allows for the best ball-control possible.

  • Magista Obra II FG $300: This boot’s 3D textured upper enhances ball-touch, resulting in more play-making moves being made. The Tongueless Flyknit is designed to be more breathable and stretchable than other boots while still offering exceptional support.
  • Magista Orden FG $130: This boot is constructed with both lightweight kangaroo leather and mesh, making it soft and more comfortable than most. The cleats are placed in a way that encourages multi-directional movement, making this boot ideal for the player who likes to get creative on the field.
  • Magista Onda FG $75: The all-over gripping texture of this boot makes it great for striking, dribbling, and passing. Durability is not a concern despite the affordable price tag, as the plate is TPU enforced for strength while remaining lightweight.

The Tiempo Collection:

Germany’s defender, Jérôme Boateng, represents this collection of boots that offer dominating touch. Each boot in this collection is constructed with classic leather and is the perfect option for players who want to dominate the field in every possible way.

  • Tiempo Legend VI FG $210: This boot features a unique cleat plate that is flexible and moves with the player, allowing athletes to move quickly and fluidly through the field. The molded EVA sockliner offers arch support and impact protection, making this boot more stable and comfortable than most. The kangaroo leather keeps this boot lightweight and supple.
  • Tiempo Legacy II FG $120: This boot is constructed with calf leather for permanent softness and low water absorption, so players can perform their best in any condition. The foam liner relieves cleat pressure and reduces the chance of injury.
  • Tiempo Genio II Leather FG $65: At an economical price, athletes can still buy this boot made from soft full-grain leather. The use of both conical and bladed cleats allow this boot penetrate the ground to ensure a high level of traction.

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