Adidas Soccer Cleats: A Guide

Adidas’ Speed of Light soccer cleat series features three unique collections, each representing a different playing type. Within the Speed of Light X, Ace, and Messi collections, any athlete can find the perfect shoe for their own needs. We have made this guide to explain each collection of Adidas boots, and to offer a high-end, middle-range, and economical option boot for each. For consistency purposes, we will be discussing boots made for firm-ground.

The Speed of Light X Collection:

Represented by the Uruguay National Team striker, Luis Suárez, the Adidas X Collection from the Speed of Light Pack is designed for the athlete who wants to cause chaos with unmatched speed. Each X boot is constructed with lightweight materials, allowing players who choose this option to run without hindrance. We recommend boots from this collection for the player who wants to run their way to victory on the field.

  • X 16+ Purechaos Firm Ground Cleats $300: This boot offers stability and security with a lightweight Sprintframe outsole, which keeps a player’s foot locked in place no matter how quickly they accelerate or switch direction while running. The compression-fit upper is constructed with a knit mid-cut design, meaning that athletes can utilize their full range of motion freely. The plate is designed with Adidas’ Chaos stud pattern, offering better traction than other boots and supporting top speeds. The laces of this boot are unexposed, leaving a perfect strike-zone.
  • X 16.1 Firm Ground Cleats $140: These boots feature the same compression fit upper and Chaos plate stud pattern as the 16+ Purechaos, but the laces are exposed. They are still a fantastic middle-range option, featuring a lightweight outsole that keeps players moving their quickest. The one-piece design upper offers a snug fit for added stability.
  • X 16.3 Firm Ground Cleats $56: At just a fraction of the cost of the X 16+ Purechaos boots, the X 16.3 are a great option for players who want speed on a budget. Although they lack a few features of the other two options, these boots are designed with the same Chaos plate stud pattern and offer comparable traction. Additionally, the upper is made of similar compression-fit materials that allow players to benefit from a full range of motion.

The Speed of Light Ace Collection:

Represented by Paul Pogba, a midfielder for the France National Team, the Adidas Ace Collection from the Speed of Light pack is designed for athletes who want total control during the game. Each Ace boot is constructed in a way that enhances the player’s ability to feel the ball and keep proper control over it as they move.

  • Ace 16+ Purecontrol Primeknit Firm Ground Cleats $300: This boot was made for superior control of the ball, featuring a completely laceless Purecut forefront that puts very little material between the ball and a player’s foot. Adidas constructed this boot with their non-stop grip technology, which adds a thin layer of raised dots to the upper of the boot specifically designed to hold the ball like glue in any weather condition. Additionally, this boot features a total-control stud alignment which is not only great for traction but also for controlling the ball with the plate.
  • Ace 16.2 Firm Ground Cleats $110: This boot features Adidas 3D Control Skin, which is designed to be lightweight, soft, and flexible for ball-handling. It does have exposed laces, unlike the higher-end boot, but it is similar in the stud alignment and comparable in traction and plate control over the ball.
  • Ace 16.3 Primemesh Firm Ground Cleats $80: This economical option boot also features the control stud alignment of the previous two. The mesh upper makes this boot comfortable and easy to move in, so once a player takes control of the ball they can keep it.

The Speed of Light Messi Collection:

Represented by Lionel Messi, forward for the Argentina National Team, boots in the Messi Collection of the Speed of Light pack are designed for athletes who need to be their most agile in order to create game-winning plays. These boots are a perfect fit for more creative players who need to maneuver quickly around their opponents.

  • Messi 16+ Pureagility Firm Ground Cleats $300: This boot features a special Pureagility heel lining, which keeps the boot locked firmly to a players foot during quick changes in direction. The studs are placed in a way that enhances both speed and agility on the field. Creative play-makers will benefit from the open striking zone at the forefront of the boot with the laces tucked behind the liner. The outer Sprintframe is lightweight but provides unmatched stability.
  • Messi 16.2 Firm Ground Cleats $130: This boot’s upper is designed with Adidas’ Agilityknit material that molds immediately to an athlete’s foot and keeps them extremely mobile. The plate uses the same stud alignment as the 16+ so players can maneuver quickly around their teammates and opponents on the field.
  • Messi 16.3 Firm Ground Cleats $56: Easy movement isn’t a concern with this affordable boot, as it is designed with a mono-tongue that is snug yet flexible. Even at a more economical price, this boot still features the same stud alignment as the other two options, so agility can be depended on.

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